Still The Enemy Within and Extra Features

Still The Enemy Within and Extra Features

Want more than just the film? Want to know more about the way the way the film was made and get access to new archive and interviews? Then this is the package for you. Features not only the award winning 'Still the Enemy Within' but three bonus films as well!

-'A Christmas like Never Before' is an extra scene from the film, with new interviews and archive from Christmas time during the strike.
- 'The Producers Within' features interviews with the creative team behind the film, giving you unique insight into how the film was made.
- 'The Musicians Within' features interviews with musicians whose work appears in the film.

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Still The Enemy Within and Extra Features

4 Videos

  • A Christmas Like Never Before

    An extra scene from the film, all about Christmas during the strike.

    Features unseen interviews and archive, heat warming tales and a real insight into another key moment in the strike.

  • The Musicians Within

    Featuring interviews with some of the musicians whose music features in the film, talking about the influence of the miners strike on music and culture.

    Featuring musicians from Test Dept, The Mekons, The Men They Couldn't Hang and The Redskins.

  • The Producers Within

    Find out more about how this award winning documentary was put together. Featuring interviews with director Owen Gower and producer's Sinead Kirwan and Mark Lacey, the is film gives you unique insight into the challenges, choices made and key moments behind the film.

  • Still The Enemy Within

    Still the Enemy Within is an Award-Winning documentary that gives a unique insight into one of history’s most dramatic events: the 1984-85 British Miners’ Strike. No experts. No politicians. Thirty years on, this is the raw emotional story of those who drove Britain’s longest strike.

    The fil...